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A small selection of comments given by clients for whom we have created either..Web Ads, Web Pages, Web Sites or complimentary free promotions .
Hello Pam,
“I was very happy with the advice and assistance I received from Pam and Howard Chapman in the process of setting up my Web site. Their suggestions were helpful and their work on my site very  prompt and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone requiring the same service . “   Anne Halloway  www.bathurstfarmstay.com.au

Kind regards, Anne Halloway

13th March 2007:
Dear Pam,
I have had two people tell me today that they like my web site and are impressed with your overall site…… they said is very easy to navigate.
Always good to get feedback…. congratulations.  -  http://www.bathurst-nsw.com

December 2010.
We have offered to update our testimonial and affirm that we have been very happy with Pam and Howard’s service. Over the years each time we have requested an alteration , change of image , support or advice they have attended to our request professionally and promptly.

Our comments are sincere and made with gratitude.
Michael and Anne Halloway
Bathurst Farm Stay at Sananton SOLD.
Bathurst Farmstay, Sananton Cottage wrote:Web Page/site Bathurst NSW -
Marj Morriss - Clinical Hypnotherapist : NLP Practitioner :EFT : Reiki   
Web site Ferny Creek (Melbourne) Victoria -  RETIRED
Dear Howard and Pam
I Thought you might like to know that after having had my web site operational for 12 months I have elected to cancel my other advertising...including yellow pages. I have tracked the source of my business over that time and find that the internet responses have been good from the beginning and the success rate continues to grow.
Thank You for your efforts to increase the ranking of my web page ...they have certainly paid off.
Many Thanks Again
Marj Morriss
Rotary Club of Upper Blue Mountains Sunrise Inc.
P O Box 502 Katoomba  NSW  2780
President:  Norm Hill  Tel (02) 4788 1122       Secretary:  Jim Greening  Tel (02) 4787 5352

20th March 2007Complimentary Web Promotion for Camp Quality - Katoomba, Blackheath & Blue Mountains
Dear Pam & Howard
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Upper Blue Mountains Sunrise please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support of our Camp Quality “Fun” Raiser weekend.
The day was an overwhelming success; we raised enough funds to pay for a “full” camp of 35 children 5-7 year olds and carers, which will be in April this year.
The club members are greatly indebted to the community of The Blue Mountains and Beyond, without this support, a day like this could not be possible.
We are now confident that this event will become an annual one, and with continued support from the community will grow to become a premier event in The Blue Mountains.

‘”Kind Deeds change lives – Thankyou”

Kind Regards,
Norm   -   Norm Hill, President.
Kathy Noble - The Comet Inn wrote:Web site Hartley NSW - http://www.cometinn.com
Dear Howard and Pam,
I am very impressed with my website and I wish to take this opportunity to thank and commend you on your extraordinary creative talents. Your ongoing support and professional advice over a number of years has made an enormous difference with my advertising, especially as I am unfamiliar in this area.
Again I thank you for your expertise and I would highly recommend you both.

Kind regards
Kathy Noble
Muffy - Windyhill Nursery wrote:Web site Orange NSW -  Business Closed

Thanks for your email, I have just put Windyhill on the Orange Business Website.

Thank you for all your help in setting up our website.  We have had a couple of goes at it before, but I put it in the too hard basket.  You made it very easy and simple, I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have a website done.   Thanks guys another job done!

Anything Grows.Since sold
Dear Howard & Pam
Just a short note to let you know how pleased Fiona and I are with the work you did by 'getting us on the 'net'.
Our small website is paying off as people from out of town who are now on the internet are easily able to locate us and do business.
You may recall us telling you that shortly after you published our site and linked in with the Orange website, we received an email from a woman in England wanting to buy a rose for a friend of hers who lives here in Orange - all of a sudden, our small local business went international. Since then we have had numerous enquiries and sales via the site from all over the place.
Thanks again for all of your assistance - as you know, we are not all that familiar with the workings of the internet and the help that you have given us has been great. Keep up the good work.
Nick & Fiona Cooper - 02 6361 4333

Neville Siding wrote:Web Page Blayney NSW - Since SOLD
Hi Pam & Howard
Your special design for Neville Siding's web page has already had good feed back. We are excited that your selection of pictures can now complement what we try to explain verbally and are quite descriptive of what the Siding offers. I already have had approaches for an introduction to your  business as people are impressed with your cute but professional presentation.

We thank you for your contacts, your time, your photographic images and mostly your advice and patience. We will be happy to promote you and your business in whatever way we can.

Ted & Betty Wilson
Neville Siding Unique Accommodation
Eventful Event Planning & Design wrote:   Since Sold
Dear Pam and Howard

I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me set up and open a website for Eventful Event Planning & Design. You were absolutely wonderful! Very professional and efficient, and I consider the website to be very effective. Nothing was or is too much trouble, especially when I kept on changing decisions. I would honestly recommend you to anyone who is considering constructing a web page/site.

I would like to say thank you once again.

Kind Regards
Bec Belmonte
Eventful Event Planning & Design
Business owner  
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Keronga Park Cottage wrote:   Closed
Hello Pam

The web-site is great, and I really appreciated how quickly you got it done for me. It has proven to be a great hit.  I have had 15 inquiries, and 10 bookings! (In first 4 weeks).
So many thanks Pam and Howard for your great work and I look forward to future dealings.

Keronga Park
Stoke House Carcoar - Since sold
We are pleased to be associated with Howard & Pam Chapman. Their friendly approach to business and the professional way that they operate always leaves us with the feeling that we made the right choice. Their understanding of how the Internet works for the accommodation industry is a boon to Liz & I as we simply don't have the knowledge that they possess. Pam made our website, designed our logo and organized it so that it comes up well in the search engines and has always been happy to work with us on changes as the business evolved. We feel that it’s important to mention that the majority of our business comes to us as a result of being linked from the town websites that Howard & Pam operate. We are linked from the Bathurst and Orange websites with links from the Carcoar page and the Blayney page. Being that Carcoar is off the beaten track so to speak this coverage helps our booking rate immensely. We are happy to unreservedly recommend them.
John & Liz Campbell   12 Naylor St    Carcoar    6367 3235
Bathurst Cabins Georges Plains-  http://www.bathurstcabins.com
We asked Howard & Pam at Webthingys to put together a simple web page for the new cabins we built at Newhaven Park.  They did exactly what we asked of them and created a simple, effective web page. We then linked the website to the Bathurst Town & Around website and we started getting bookings from day 1. Since then we have had a steady stream of occupants. 
As part of our internet marketing involves checking where our internet visitors come from ( this is important to us so that we manage our advertising budget effectively).  We found that: 57% of our visitors arrive through The Bathurst Town & Around website  www.bathurst-nsw.com   24% through Google, Yahoo and Bing www.google.com, www.yahoo.com www.bing.com.  15% via our other accommodation website www.newhavenparkhouse.com  (Most of the bookings that we get for Newhaven Park House come though the Bathurst Town & Around website) 2% from Total Travel www.totaltravel.com.au  1% direct enquiry www.bathurstcabins.com  1% from The Bathurst Council website http://www.visitbathurst.com.au.
Howard & Pam are a pleasure to work with and their understanding of how the Internet works to our advantage has resulted in an excellent ROI. We thoroughly recommend them.
Chris & Bernadette Porter   www.bathurstcabins.com    Cow Flat Rd   Georges Plains   02 6337 2610
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